Quality of Life and Functional Ability Measurement


Principal Investigator:
Joseph Patrick Sevilla

Department of Global Health and Population

Dates of Research:
September 15, 2004 — August 31, 2006


South Africa is committed to providing its population with universal access to ARV. The Africa Centre, a Demographic Surveillance Site (DSS), monitors a high-prevalence rural South African population that will serve as a pilot site for ARV distribution in preparation for community-wide roll-out. Universal ARV access can have profound effects on population health, which must be measured to assess success or failure of the policy, and to inform its evolving design. The Africa Centre also belongs to the INDEPTH network of DSS sites which aims to develop quantitative measures of population health. Both objectives require measures of population-level health related quality of life (HRQOL) that satisfy the three criteria of validity, reliability, and achieve coparability, yet little is known about its validity and reliability in rural South African populations or in other populations being monitored in the INDEPTH network. The project will assess the reliability and validity of a 7 question HRQOL excerpt from the WHS on a sample of older adults and elderly respondents from Africa Centre’s study population.