Reproductive and overall health outcomes and their economic consequences for households in Accra, Ghana


Principal Investigator:
Allan Hill, Andelot Professor of Demography

Global Health+Population

Dates of Research:
April 1, 2008 — August 31, 2010


The aim of this project is to build on previous research in Ghana to collect detailed information on the costs of reproductive ill health and ill health generally at the household level. The focus will be on poor households both in Accra and a rural area in the north. We believe this information is lacking and will be invaluable for international and national advocacy to improve access to reproductive and general health services. The project will also lay the foundation for rigorous cost-effectiveness and decision analysis models to enable governments to estimate more effectively the cost of under-investing in the reproductive health of poor people. The study will focus on the micro-economic level where we see the most striking differentials in health and welfare and where opportunities for effective intervention seem most promising.