Statistics to Policy Recommendations: Further Analysis of the 2007 Community Survey for South Africa


Principal Investigator:
Allan Hill, Andelot Professor of Demography

Department of Global Health and Population/Center for Population Studies

Dates of Research:
March 17, 2008 — December 31, 2008


Introduction Statistics South Africa has led the way in the collection of population and social statistics for the entire South African population. Following the landmark national population census of 2001, there was a realization that additional and timely information would be required on a recurrent basis to foster good governance and an equitable distribution of public resources. An additional concern was to assess the impact of existing programmes as well as the need for policy adjustments to deal with unaddressed needs. Two other concerns underpin this interest in further exploitation of the Community Survey (CS-2007) data. One is the need to build the capacity for analysis and interpretation of major survey and census data in Statistics South Africa and other cognate governmental agencies. The demands for timely social statistics are becoming more complex as government touches all South Africans. A skilled cadre of analysts is now required to identify needs, design and analyze new studies and data collection systems as well as to adapt social statistics to the needs of politicians and decision-makers.