Study of Lead Exposure and Outcomes Amongst Children in Chennai, India


Principal Investigator:
Howard Hu, Adjunct Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Department of Environmental Health and Department of Epidemiology

Dates of Research:
January 1, 2003 — December 31, 2009


Lead exposure poses a major environmental health problem in India. This project will study 750 children aged 4-6 years old attending specific public schools in the area of Chennai, India. These schools will be chosen to represent areas of the city that are high-high, high-low, low-high, and low-low with respect to traffic and industry. The study will measure levels of lead in blood and shed primary teeth, assess IQ, visuospatial function, visuomotor function, and behavior for each child. With this information, the study will explore lead exposure and exposure dose relationships, test specific hypotheses on the relationship of lead dose to neurobehavioral outcomes, and explore other relationships of interest. This research promises to provide important information on lead exposure and the impact of lead exposure on pediatric neurobehavioral development in urban India.