Tanzania Infectious Disease Research Training Program


Principal Investigator:
Wafaie Fawzi, Richard Saltonstall Professor of Population Sciences, and Professor of Nutrition,


Dates of Research:
September 11, 2007 — March 31, 2013


Over the past 10 years of partnering with Muhimbili University in Tanzania, the partnership has developed a multidisciplinary team of investigators that has advanced research and training through the design, implementation and reporting of studies that address major public health problems in Tanzania. This project proposes to build on past activities by developing a program to train future leaders in pediatric infectious diseases. Three major but related infectious causes of child mortality and morbidity in Tanzania will be addressed, namely diarrheal diseases, respiratory infection, and pediatric tuberculosis. Public health professionals will obtain skills in theoretical and practical aspects pertaining to design and analyses of clinical trials, operations research, and laboratory research. Training will be applied to three substantive areas that are identified as priorities: case management, prevention, and the role of nutrition. Training will be provided in Boston through a combination of degree programs (Master’s and Doctoral) and non-degree postdoctoral fellowships. We will also carry out in-country intensive short courses to provide skills in these areas to a larger number of individuals.