The Global Burden of Disease 2000 in Aging Populations

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Principal Investigator:
Christopher Murray, Adjunct Professor of Population Policy

Department of Global Health and Population/HIGH Population Health Metrics and Priority Setting


Dates of Research:
September 30, 2000 — August 31, 2007


The Global Burden of Disease 2000 in Aging Populations is a series of investigations that strengthens the methodological and empirical basis for undertaking comparative assessments of health problems, their determinants and consequences in aging populations. Since the publication of the Global Burden of Disease Study 1990, there has been increasing interest in comparative analyses of health outcomes, determinants and consequences. This project is structured around a core with an administrative, a data management and a methods component and seven projects: Measurement of adult mortality in the developing world; Non-communicable disease mortality transition; Adapting statistical methods for public health research; Avoidable causes of adult chronic disease death; Self-reported and observed measures of health status; Summary measures of population health; Health costs of aging, present and future trends. The core and the seven projects enrich each other through multiple mechanisms, including investigators working on a number of components, common datasets and methods development. An important goal of the project is to expand the number of researchers worldwide focused on health conditions, determinants and consequences in aging populations, while, at the same time strengthening the empirical and methodological foundations on which policy decisions are made.