The Magnitude and Distribution of Health Impacts from Power Generation in China


Principal Investigator:
Ying Zhou

Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program

Dates of Research:
January 1, 2009 — December 31, 2009


The primary goal of this project is to understand how population exposure and health risks in China are being influenced by power plant emissions, moving beyond national level estimates to consider effects at or below the provincial level. Using satellite and other monitoring data the researchers will validate the emissions inventory data they collect in China. That data will then be used to determine the marginal contributions of a number of selected power plants across China to population exposures, considering population exposure at the national, provincial, and even smaller levels. That data allows the researchers to estimate the public health impacts from each modeled power plant. The core analyses will determine the extent of variability in public health damages per ton of emissions and per unit electricity generated across power plants in China. This analysis will help to determine the health benefits of power plant emissions control in China and how emissions reduction in one geographical area will influence population exposure and public health in other areas.