Therapeutic Ultrasound: Biophysical Mechanisms at the Molecular Level


Principal Investigator:
Jeffrey Fredberg, Professor of Bioengineering and Physiology

Department of Environmental Health/ Molecular and Integrative Physiological Sciences Program

U.S.-Israel Bi-national Science Foundation

Dates of Research:
October 1, 2006 — September 30, 2008


In the last decades, low intensity therapeutic ultrasound (TUS) has shown to have a significant effect on cells (modulation of NO production in vivo), tissue (modulation of vessel wall permeability) and organs (angiogenesis or bone healing). To the best of our knowledge, there is no consensus on how TUS effects cells, tissue and organs. This goal of this study is to focus on cells in general and the cytoplasm with the cytoskeleton (CSK) in particular to shed light on how TUS may affect intracellular mechanics.