Tobacco Control Policies, Lung Cancer and Smoking Patterns: Ireland and Massachusetts


Principal Investigator:
Gregrory Connolly

Division of Public Health Practice

Health Research Board

Dates of Research:
September 1, 2006 — August 31, 2007


The Ireland-Northern Ireland- NCI Cancer Consortium is supporting a two-year fellowship, one year to be spent with the Irish Research Institute for a Tobacco Free Society and for a second year to be spent at the Harvard School of Public Health. The fellow will examine tobacco control policies, lung cancer, and smoking patterns in both Ireland and Massachusetts. Ireland has one of the highest lung cancer incidence rates in Western Europe, especially among women, leading the Irish Government to commit itself to becoming a Tobacco Free Society. Massachusetts is one of the states that has successfully enacted a tobacco control program and is also the state with the largest population of persons of Irish descent. The fellowship compares tobacco control policies of Ireland and Massachusetts and their impact on tobacco use and smoking behaviors. The fellowship also includes a pilot research project on lung cancer risk among citizens of Ireland and Irish immigrants and persons of Irish descent in Massachusetts by examining current data.