Urban Renaissance Project (4-2 The Development of Remedial Environmental Technology)


Principal Investigator:
Helen Suh MacIntosh, Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Exposure Assessment

Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program

Dates of Research:
November 9, 2007 — June 28, 2008


This study will examine environmental health issues in South Korea before and after urban renovation. The research will be critical to our ability to reduce environmental health risks of individuals living within renovated areas. It will do so in two ways. First, the project will identify areas that present the greatest environmental health risks, allowing the renovation to focus their efforts and resources on these areas, thus maximizing the impact of the renovation. Second, the research will provide semi-quantitative measures of any improvements in environmental health for the people living in the renovated region, which will allow the success of the renovation to be assessed. The research will specifically provide information both to set design parameters for the urban renovation and to assess environmental impact of the urban renewal. Further, it will allow the success of the renovation to be assessed. By compiling environmental, health, socioeconomic and geographic data already collected by the Korean government and other entities and using standard data analytical techniques, the proposed research will be cost-effective. By considering lessons learned in other mega-cities, the research will further build upon earlier research and will advance our understanding of the impact of mega-cities on the environmental health of their populations.