The educational experience of the part-time, two-year Harvard Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology (MPH-EPI ) Program combines three formats for learning:

1.) On Campus Learning: Students begin both years of the MPH-EPI program with an intensive three-week period in June to study the core competencies of an MPH degree. Each session includes all-day lectures and interactive workshops from Monday through Friday of each week. The first three-week period is dedicated to learning the basic skills of epidemiology and biostatistics, along with a series of “cohort-building” exercises to enhance group work and peer-education in the subsequent online courses. Cohorts reunite for the second three-week period to explore critical thinking and action, ethical and regulatory issues, and other critical leadership skills.

2.) Online Learning: Students take multiple online courses during the 11 months following each June period. The first year’s courses focus on the quantitative methods used by epidemiologists for research investigations. Courses offered during the second year cover a wider breadth of materials, and include elective options to allow students to custom their learning to their specific interests.

3.) Field-Based Learning: To complement the epidemiology program’s rigorous academic requirements, in the second year, students design and complete an MPH Practicum in a topic of their choosing. Over the course of the first year, each student works with a member of the MPH-EPI Practicum Committee to develop a practicum proposal, based either on a student’s current position or on the extensive research databases available to students through the Harvard Library system. Upon approving the proposal, the Practicum Committee also identifies a Harvard faculty member who will mentor the student for the remainder of the program.

4.) On-Campus Symposium: Prior to graduation in May, second-year students return to Harvard for an integrative learning experience. During this 1-2 day symposium, students will gather to hear a variety of practicum presentations from their peers. We will also have at least one guest speaker.

MPH-EPI First Year Timeline

MPH-EPI Second Year TimelineThe three-week intensive on-campus periods begin the first Monday of June each year. The Practicum Symposium begins the Tuesday of the Harvard graduation week, typically during the last week of May.