Master of Public Health in Nutrition

Acquire skills in nutrition practice, policy, and communication along with foundational knowledge in nutritional science, epidemiology, and public health.

The Harvard Chan School now offers a Master of Public Health (MPH)-65 degree that explores the role nutrition plays in the health and well-being of the world’s populations from a variety of vantage points; recognizing the vast array of influences on diet, nutrition, and health—including environmental, socioeconomic, political, and cultural factors.

Core coursework (totaling 65 credits) emphasizes methodological strategies to develop, analyze, and evaluate interventions, programs, and policies typically used in public health nutrition and will be reinforced in unique practicum projects.

As a student in this program, you will:

        • Choose from a variety of electives tailored to your personal career goals. Focused areas of interest may include: nutrition policy, health disparities, nutrition epidemiology, global health, social and behavioral sciences, and planetary health. You may also develop your own focused area of interest.
        • Complete a unique practicum experience to apply knowledge and skills obtained in the program to create a project that has real-world application.
          • Practicum topics cover a variety of interests, such as culinary nutrition, national school and feeding programs, community nutrition, and global health. Topics may also involve opportunities within Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals.
        • Apply critical reading skills to enhance your ability to effectively communicate and translate nutrition information to the public, in the workplace, and in the media.
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Program Overview

Course Name Course ID Credit
Year 1 Fall
Core Principles of Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Public Health Practice  ID 201 7.5
Core Foundations for Public Health ID 100 1.0
Core Short Course Sequence MPH 101 – 105 5.25
Introduction to Nutrition Science NUT 200 2.5
Introduction to Public Health and Nutrition NUT 201 2.5
Nutrition Seminar, Part I NUT 203 1.25
Year 1 Spring
Nutrition Seminar, Part II NUT 206 1.25
The Biological Basis of Human Nutrition NUT 202 5.0
Nutrition Translation and Behavior Changes  (Spring I) NUT 213 2.5
Nutrition Communication in Practice (Spring II) NUT 215 2.5
Practicum course, part 1 – Core sessions NUT965s 1.25
Year 2 Fall
Design. & Eval. Behav. Interv. Targeting Diet & PA NUT 232 5.0
Practicum course, part 2 – Field of Study sessions (Fall I) NUT965f 1.25
Additional Courses
Area of Interest (3 courses) Various 7.5 – 15
Electives Various 11.25 – 18.75
Total Credits 65

The course schedule for the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is accessible through my.harvard Course Search. To view courses, select the “Harvard Chan School” button under browse courses, or use the search bar and filters.

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