Housing & Dining

At Harvard Chan, each student and affiliate is responsible for his/her own housing. There is no central housing office at the School. Shattuck International House is managed by Harvard Chan. Vanderbilt Hall is managed by Harvard Medical School. Harvard University Housing manages all other Harvard owned housing.

If you have never been to Boston, there are a couple of different resources we suggest you start with to help you familiarize yourself with the city from a distance:

  1. For information to help you get started on your housing search, visit our Housing Guide and the downloadable Housing Guide Supplement. They are great resources to get you on the right track.
  2. For a helpful way to start learning more about the city of Boston, check out these two great resources produced by the city government: Rental Housing Resource Center website & Boston 101:  Student Guide to City Services. You will learn everything from how the renting process works, to where the local libraries are located.