Tuition Deposit Waiver Request

When accepting the offer of admission, admitted students pay a tuition deposit of $500.This deposit is credited to their student bill and is applied to their tuition and fees.

While all admitted students are expected to pay a deposit, in some cases, admitted students may have a severe temporary extenuating circumstance making them unable to pay the deposit. In such cases, admitted students can request a tuition deposit waiver.

Please Note: tuition deposit waivers are not guaranteed and are granted on an evaluation of each applicant’s individual personal financial circumstances.

To be considered, admitted students must meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • Experiencing severe extenuating financial (would otherwise be unable to meet/pay for basic living expenses) circumstances making it temporarily impossible to pay the deposit
  • Demonstrated high financial need based on the financial aid application that was filed by the deadline
  • Have a concrete plan for how they will be paying for the cost of attendance (both tuition and living expenses) at the Harvard Chan School for the upcoming academic year. Please note: for any outside funding sources to be considered, the funding must already be confirmed.

If all three conditions are not met, we will regretfully not be able to consider your request.

By applying for a tuition deposit waiver, you confirm that you will not be submitting a deposit or requesting a waiver of a deposit at any other institution. If a student is granted a waiver, the $500 would be assessed in the fall bill.

Deadline: Waiver requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your response deadline. Response dates can be found below:

All June and July starting programs: March 15
All Fall and January starting programs: April 15

Please click here to request a tuition deposit waiver