SBS 259 – SBS Masters Seminar

This course focuses on the masters students’ culminating experience and includes attention to career development and the preparation of the masters students’ final paper as defined in the SBS handbook. Students will share career plans and strategies for entering the next phase of their work, will present and analyze their field work, research, or internship experiences, and will share early drafts of their final paper.

Course Activities: Assigned readings and activities, development of personal strategic and management plans, participation in class discussion, oral and poster presentations, final paper.

Course Note: Enrollment limited to second year SBS master students.

SBS 508 – Successes & Challenges in Health Behavior Change

Many large-scale, population-wide initiatives and campaigns have resulted in profound behavioral changes-including those for tobacco use, sun protection, cardiovascular risk reduction, and cancer screening. We will carefully examine these efforts, synthesize these lessons, and seek to provide guidance for current public health campaigns such as obesity control, reduction of tanning bed use for children, and HPV and HBV campaigns. Our objectives will be to a) critically synthesize and evaluate criteria for successful population-wide interventions in population health improvement, including cancer control and cardiovascular risk reduction, b) carefully critique the key components of historically successful large-scale cancer control and cardiovascular risk reduction interventions both for US and internationally (tobacco, skin cancer prevention, cervical cancer, mammography), and c) by using lessons from above, coupled with changing context, critically analyze current large-scale health behavior change interventions for obesity control, tanning beds, and HBV vaccination programs.