Postdoctoral Opportunities

Postdoctoral Opportunities in Statistical Genetics

October 10, 2023: A post-doctoral position is available in the statistical genetics research group of Dr. Alkes Price, a faculty member at the Harvard School of Public Health. The fellow will work closely with Dr. Price, with other quantitative Ph.D’s in his group, and with collaborators at HSPH, HMS and The Broad Institute. Questions that we aim to answer include: (1) What is the contribution of different functional classes of genetic variation to the heritability of quantitative and case-control traits, and how does this inform disease association and polygenic prediction methods; (2) How do common and rare variants contribute to the architecture of complex traits, accounting for the impact of negative selection, and how does this inform strategies for disease mapping and polygenic prediction using whole-genome sequencing data; and (3) Which statistical approaches provide maximum power to identify disease genes and predict disease risk in diverse populations.


Exceedingly strong quantitative research background; practical experience working with large real-world genetic data sets, developing new methods, and producing high-quality published work. Preference will be given to candidates with degrees in computer science or other quantitative fields.

Additional Information:

Please submit a brief statement of interest, CV, contact information for at least 3 references, and two sample publications by email to Alkes Price,