Andy Tan

Adjunct Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Dr. Tan’s research program is aimed at understanding health communication determinants and processes that contribute to reducing the burden of cancer and disparities across the cancer control continuum in diverse populations. One area of his work examines the impact of tobacco marketing and counter-marketing messages, patient-provider communication, and social influence on tobacco control outcomes in diverse populations including young adults, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations with the goal of translating this knowledge into scalable and culturally sensitive communication interventions to alleviate health disparities in tobacco use prevention, secondhand smoke exposure, access to cessation treatment, and utilization of lung cancer screening services. In addition to research, Dr. Tan has over 5 years of field experience in designing, implementing and evaluating strategic communications programs in Singapore and the U.S.