Press Releases

Public poorly informed about potentially harmful substances in e-cigarette secondhand vapor (Dana Farber, 2016)

Fewer Smokers Believe E-Cigarettes Are a Safer Alternative to Cigarettes (Elsevier, 5/15/2014)


Media Interviews

How to finally kick the smoking habit (Boston Globe, August 15 2018)

Vapers killed. Vapers don’t care. (The Daily Beast, May 22 2018)

Ifs, Ands, or Butts
As the FDA drafts federal e-cigarette rules, it faces a key question: Can vaping reduce nicotine dependence, or is it a gateway to smoking tobacco?
(California Lawyer, March 2015)

Smokers Are Getting Skeptical About E-Cigarette Claims, According To Study (Huffington Post, May 20 2014)