Menstrual symptoms reported to the Apple Women’s Health Study. Icons depict the symptoms, and the size of the icon represents the percentage of times it was reported by participants. The largest icon is abdominal cramps, which was the most reported symptom. The smallest icon is ovulation pain, which was the least reported symptom.

Menstrual symptom data can help end period stigma

March 2021: In line with this year’s celebration of International Women’s Day, the Apple Women’s Health Study team is shedding light on how menstrual research and symptom data can help to end stigma associated with periods.
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Red dots on a calendar signify when a person had their period.

Benefits of tracking your period

October 2020: Tracking your period and treating the menstrual cycle as a vital sign could lead to earlier detection of many health and gynecologic conditions.
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Research effort you can join

Your participation in the Apple Women’s Health Study will enable innovative research that would have been impossible before now.

Data collection

Participants control what data they share and can stop sharing data with the study at any time.

Podcast about the study

On an episode of the 'This Week in Health' podcast, researchers talk about the groundbreaking Apple Women’s Health Study.