Media Coverage


Dec 2020 – NY Times. Obamacare, in Its First Big Test as Safety Net, Is Holding Up So Far.”

Aug 2020 – STAT. Op-Ed. The Trump administration’s ‘public charge’ rule and Covid-1: bad policy at the worst time.”

Aug 2020 – Fox 25 News. TV Interview. “Study by Boston researchers shows racial disparities among COVID-19 cases.”

Apr 2020 – CNBC (Video). Why the U.S. is Facing a Hospital Bed Shortage.”

Apr 2020 – Tampa Bay Times.  “Florida’s Medicaid debate recharged amid coronavirus pandemic.”

Mar 2020 – Los Angeles TimesCoronavirus forces reckoning for Trump’s healthcare cuts.”

Dec 2019 – Boston Globe. Op-Ed.  “The Perils of a Patchwork System.”

Oct 2019 – Wall St Journal. “The Medicaid Experiment in Arkansas: Thousands Lost Coverage, Few Gained Jobs.”

June 2019 – Los Angeles Times. “Arkansas’ Medicaid Work Requirement Left People Uninsured without Boosting Employment.”

November 2018 – Boston NPR CommonHealth. Op-Ed (joint with Amal Trivedi) “Medicaid Won The Midterms. Here’s Why That Could Save Lives.”

November 2018 – Vox. “Medicaid’s Stunning Victory.”

June 2018 – Los Angeles Times. “Medicaid Strategy Favored by Trump May Make Care Less Affordable, New Studies Indicate.”

April 2018 – Newsweek. “Obamacare Improved Surgical Treatment, Likely Saved Lives, New Study Finds.”

July 2017 – New York Times. “Medicaid Worsens Your Health? That’s a Classic Misinterpretation of Research.”

June 2017 – USA Today. Op-Ed. Weigh Facts Before You Gut ACA.”

Mar. 2017 – Washington Post. Op-Ed. The GOP health-care plan would quietly kill the Medicaid expansion. Here’s how.”

Jan. 2017 – CNN. TV Interview. What doctors think about the Affordable Care Act.”

Dec. 2016 – Boston Globe.  Op-Ed (joint with Jonathan Gruber). Repealing the Affordable Care Act — fact vs. fiction”

Aug. 2016 – New York Times.Obamacare Appears to Be Making People Healthier.”

Aug. 2016 – Boston Globe.ACA may not be ‘terrific,’ but it’s making a difference.”

Mar. 2016 – New York Times.How to Stop the Bouncing Between Insurance Plans Under Obamacare.”

Jan. 2016 – Los Angeles Times.Obamacare helping improve access to medical care for the poor, new studies show.”

Jan. 2016 – New York Times.Better Health Care Access in Kentucky and Arkansas, Study Says.”

Dec. 2015 – CUNY TV POTUS 2016 with Brian Lehrer. TV Interview.  (Minute 16:25-28:00):

July 2015 – USA Today. “Obamacare reduces uninsured rates, improves access to care, study finds.”

July 2015 – Reuters. “Americans report improved health, better healthcare: study.”

June 2015 – Minnesota Public Radio, interview. “How well is the Affordable Care Act working?”

Jan. 2015 – Washington Post. “Health insurers may be finding new ways to discriminate against patients.”

Nov. 2014 – National Public Radio. “Smooth Second Roll Out For MA Health Connector Site.”

Oct. 2014 – New York Times. “Medicaid, Often Criticized, Is Quite Popular With Its Customers.”

June 2014 – New York Times. “In Texarkana, Uninsured and on the Wrong Side of a State Line.”

May 2014 – New York Times. “Mortality Drop Seen to Follow ’06 Health Law.”

May 2014 – MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry Show. TV Interview.

May 2014 – Boston Globe. “Study calls wide Massachusetts coverage a lifesaver.”

May 2014 – Reuters Interview. “Health Reform Watch: Study finds fewer deaths after MA health reform.”

Apr. 2014 – Politico. “Study probes Obamacare impact on canceled plans.”

Apr. 2014 – Washington Post. “White, older and self-employed people want to keep their health plans.”

Jan. 2014 – National Journal. “Considering Medicaid Expansion for Your State? Read This Study.”

Jan. 2014 – USA Today. “Momentum builds for Medicaid expansion in states.”

May 2013 – Los Angeles Times. “Some could have gaps in medical coverage under new law.”

July 2012 – New York Times. “Medicaid Expansion May Lower Death Rate, Study Says.”

July 2012 – Wall Street Journal. “Death Rates Vary in Medicaid Study.”

Oct. 2011 – ABC News. “New Study Says Government Should Prepare for Contingencies in Medicaid Expansion.”

Oct. 2011 – Washington Post. “How Many Americans will gain insurance under health reform? Good question.”

July 2011 – National Public Radio, interview. “How Much Do States Really Spend On Medicaid?”

Feb. 2011 – U.S. News and World Report. “With Health Care Reform, Income Swings May Mean Loss of Coverage.”

Dec. 2010 – Slate. “Dead giveaway: Why don’t more Americans use their free health insurance?”