Ph.D., 2007, Harvard University 

Genomics, Environment Interaction, and Epigenetics

The relevance of environmental context to the expression of the genome is unequivocal. Environmental perturbations reshape biological networks, alter regulatory responses and disease risk, and modulate the emergence of genetic and epigenetic variation.

Genetic and epigenetic control are crucial in cellular differentiation, immune system development, neurogenesis, and normal cellular function. These controls are labile and disrupted by chemical environmental exposures through an individual’s development and aging. The laboratory has been focused on the ribosomal DNA arrays and other repetitive elements of the genome, as well as a variety of environmental stressors of public health relevance.

Overall, the laboratory pursues research themes in genetics, epigenetics, and environmental health. We combine experimental approaches, genomics and next generation sequencing (RNAseq, WGBS, etc), and integrative computational data analyses.

Selected Publications

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