Marvin Zelen’s Memorial Event

Working with Frontier Science and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, the Department organized a special Memorial Service for Marvin Zelen on May 22. As part of the event, Nan Laird presented the 2015 Zelen Leadership Award lecture, “Repurposing DerSimonian and Laird for Big Data Meta-Analysis.” Special thanks go to the organizing committee – Professor Tianxi Cai (SD ’99) Chair, Sr. Research Scientist Su-Chun Cheng (SD ’95), Professor Rich GelberShari Gelber, and Greg Pavlov – for their excellent job in making the day unforgettable. The Memorial featured a wide range of speakers representing Marvin’s family and the amazing breadth of his scientific and professional activities. For many, one of the highpoints was remarks given by the Reverend Bruce Young, who helped inspire Marvin and Steve Lagakos to get involved in what came to be known as the Woburn Study. Another highlight was the video Marvin and Thelma Zelen’s grandson Toby Mues made about his grandfather.  Hundreds of Marvin’s friends, family members and colleagues from near and far joined us; it was a wonderful day honoring a wonderful man.  (And a special shout-out to David and Adrian Lagakos – it was great to see them!)