Message from Rebecca Betensky, PI of T36 Grant: Pipelines into Biostatistics

On July 20-22 we had an enormously successful three days of workshops, symposium, meetings, culmination, reunions, evaluation and celebration related to our activities to increase the diversity of our students and the field of Biostatistics.  We were fortunate to have a fabulous keynote speaker, Dr. Dubois Bowman, and a panel and attendance of several alumni of our program representing the years 1994-2015. We also hosted 6 visiting faculty from diverse minority serving colleges and universities.  These kinds of events require an enormous amount of work and participation from faculty, students and staff.  And so I want to recognize, with sincere gratitude, the following people:

  • Jessica Boyle, our Program Coordinator, for doing a superb job managing the program from recruitment to admissions to travel to programming to final presentations with efficiency, sensitivity and creativity
  • Faculty who mentored summer student research projects: Sebastien Haneuse, Rafa Irizarry, Donna Neuberg, Sherri Rose, Cory Zigler
  • Faculty who mentored post-baccalaureate intern research projects: Brent Coull, Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen
  • Deans, Faculty and post-docs and students who presented to our Visiting Faculty Workshop: Sarah Anoke, Brent Coull, Xiao-Li Meng, Sherri Rose, Patrick Staples, Michelle Williams, Paige Williams, David Wypij
  • Faculty who met with the students during the summer: Brent Coull, Francesca Dominici, Victor DeGruttola, David Harrington, Rafa Irizarry, Pete Kraft, Xihong Lin, Shirley Liu, Donna Neuberg, Marcello Pagano, Giovanni Parmigiani, John Quackenbush, Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen, Paige Williams, GC Yuan
  • Faculty who reviewed and evaluated the nearly 100 applications for our summer program: Sebastien Haneuse, Judith Lok, JP Onnela, Sherri Rose, Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen, Paige Williams, GC Yuan
  • Graduate students and post-docs who mentored the students’ research and social activities: Savannah Bergquist, Esther Fevrier, Chanmin Kim, Gino Lerebours, Heather Mattie, Kamrine Poels, Claudia Rivera, Kristen Stevenson, William Townes
  • Graduate students who taught Biostatistics and Epidemiology and Computing to the students:  Sarah Anoke, Heather Mattie, Olivia Orta, Xue Zou
  • Graduate students who met with our Visiting Faculty: Gino Lerebours, Esther Fevrier, Heather Mattie, Kamrine Poels, Christine Ulysse
  • Shaina Andelman for spending an enormous amount of time taking photos and helping with our posters and programs
  • Jai Vartikar and Megan Scott for their cheerful help with the symposium and Friday’s activities
  • Judy Logan, Glo Nova, Marc Brissette, and Rachel Boschetto, for providing immeasurable help with finances