Symposium: New Data & New Methods in Advancing Patient Care

Contributed by Randall Chaput, Epi Dept:

Clinicians treat one patient at a time. At the Harvard Chan School we work to improve the health of “millions at a time”. Real world evidence to inform clinical and public health decisions is collected both at the individual level and at the population level. As a result, large amounts of data accumulate from small groups of patients (e.g., genotype, phenotype, patient preferences) and from large populations (e.g., big health care databases). New research methods have to be developed to identify the answers to relevant questions within this universe of data. Large numbers will produce stable results, but only valid estimates will ultimately advance patient care.

In this Symposium we will discuss how to integrate precision medicine and population science as well as the best ways to utilize the wide range of data. The goal of the symposium is to discuss approaches to use all data available so that we can optimize therapeutic recommendations in the context of new technological developments (pharmacogenetics, data science) and social demands (stakeholder involvement in clinical decision making). For instance, do we need to study “small groups at a time” to improve the health of “millions at a time”?

The Symposium is particularly recommended to colleagues interested in data science, population medicine, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacogenetics, drug development, drug safety, comparative effectiveness research, patient centered research, or research methods. 

Space is limited. Please RSVP by Sep 12th, 2016 to Randall Chaput.