Data Analysis in R for Social Sciences Workshop

On December 1st & 2nd, HBS Research Computing Services, in collaboration with the national organization Data Carpentry and the Data Science Services group at Harvard’s IQSS, is hosting a pilot workshop for social scientists. Data Carpentry teaches the introductory computational skills needed for data management and analysis in all domains of research. Their mission is to provide researchers high-quality, friendly training covering the full lifecycle of data-driven research. Lessons are domain specific, and this workshop is a pilot of materials for the social sciences. Our curriculum will include: 

Data organization & cleaning in spreadsheets and OpenRefine
Introduction to R & RStudio
Data manipulation and visualization in R (dplyr, ggplot2)
Statistical Modeling and dynamic (shareable) documents in R (knitr) 

The target audience is both learners who have little to no prior computational experience and individuals who are looking to switch to R from other tools (e.g. Excel, Stata, etc); and the instructors put a priority on creating a friendly environment to empower researchers and enable data-driven discovery. Even those with some experience will benefit, as the goal is to teach not only how to do analyses, but how to manage the process to make it as automated and reproducible as possible.

Space is limited, and there is a $40 fee to attend. The workshop webpage and registration links are below, and do not hesitate to contact RCS at if you should have more questions.

Workshop website: