Summer Course Evaluations

As part of a mandate to monitor the quality of teaching at the School, the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) reviews student course evaluations and compiles a list of instructors who have received overall high ratings (4.5 or higher) from students. Most recently, the CEP reviewed ratings from Summer, Summer 1 and Summer 2 courses.

We would like to thank the following instructors for providing an excellent educational experience to our students!

Kerrie Nelson
BIO203 – Principles of Biostatistics II

George Reed
BIO207 – Statistics for Medical Research II

E. John Orav
BIO208 – Statistics for Medical Research, Advanced

Michael Stoto
BIO234 – Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis Applications in Public Health and Clinical Medicine 

Garrett Fitzmaurice
BIO501 Linear and Longitudinal Regression