Next in (Data) Science – 4/11

Next in (Data) Science 
Wednesday, April 11 | 2:30 PM

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University
Sheerr Room, Fay House, 10 Garden Street, Cambridge MA
The “Next in Science” series provides an opportunity for early-career scientists whose creative, cross-disciplinary research is thematically linked to introduce their work to one another, to fellow scientists, and to nonspecialists from Harvard and the greater Boston area.
This year’s program focuses on innovative applications of data science to a wide range of disciplines. The speakers’ talks will demonstrate how data science approaches have become critical to a variety of fields, including social media, the movie industry, public health, and the study of the origins of our universe. 

  • Renée Hložek, professor of astrophysics, Dunlap Institute, University of Toronto; “Seeing the Light for the Stars: Using Machine Learning to Discover New Astronomical Events”
  • Jennifer Pan, assistant professor of communication and, by courtesy, of political science and sociology, Stanford University; “Uncovering Online Censorship and Propaganda in China”
  • Nathan Sanders, vice president of quantitative analytics, Legendary Entertainment; “Hollywood Data Science: The Role of Inference and Prediction”
  • Saki Takahashi, graduate fellow, Metcalf Lab, Princeton University; “From Data to Decisions: An Epidemiological Atlas to Prevent Childhood Infections”

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The event is free and open to the public. We encourage you to share this invitation with people you know who may be interested.