Harvard Catalyst Biostats Journal Club – 5/22

Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Journal Club
Futility Monitoring in Clinical Trials
Tuesday, May 22nd at 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Building 2, Room 426, HCSPH

Robert Glynn, PhD, ScD, Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS and Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, will discuss the following articles: “Comparison of futility monitoring guidelines using completed phase III oncology trials” by Qiang Zhang, Boris Freidlin, Edward L Korn, Susan Halabi, Sumithra Mandrekar, and James J. Dignam in Clinical Trials 2017 Feb; 14 (1), pp. 48 – 58, PMID: 27590208 and “A general inefficacy interim monitoring rule for randomized clinical trials” by Boris Freidlin, Edward L Korn, and Robert Gray in Clinical Trials 2010 Jun; 7 (3), pp. 197-208, PMID: 20423925. Dr. Glynn will focus on the paper of Zhang et al., but will particularly emphasize the approach of Freidlin et al. described in the second paper. Of course, in addition to the main articles, you are also highly encouraged to read any supplementary articles of your choosing.

*The articles that will be presented can be found at: (Zhang et al.) and (Freidlin et al.)

Contact Jai Vartikar for call-in information.