Microsoft & Vivli Innovation Challenge – 6/21

Microsoft and Vivli, a clinical trial data sharing platform, are joining forces for a one-day datathon in Boston on data privacy and rare disease clinical trial sharing. Rare disease clinical trials often have just a few participants and protecting their privacy and their data is paramount. But many individuals with rare diseases and their families are eager to have their data shared in order to make progress on their disease and save lives. How do we solve this?

The problem statement: How can teams safeguard participant privacy and minimize privacy loss while maintaining the scientific analytic value of the data, for smaller data sets or rare disease data set that are more highly identifiable?

WHEN: June 21, Boston’s District Hall, from 10:30 am to 7 pm. Meals provided!
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This is a great opportunity to network with leaders in this field from Microsoft representatives to leading scientists in the field. Prior experience is not a requirement, attendance is free, and monetary prizes for the top winning solutions chosen by judges.