Upcoming Career Development Events


Career Development Series Events

Wednesday, October 2
1-2pm | Room 426
Lunch provided

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In addition to the 1-2pm workshop, you can sign up for 1-1 mini-meetings with Laura HERE.

Those planning to attend, please fill out THIS survey so that we can best meet your needs.

PhD student and Postdoc CV working session

We are thrilled to welcome Laura Stark, PhD, Director of Graduate Career Services, OCS/GSAS, who will join Dr. Erin Lake, ’01, for this doctoral student and postdoc CV/cover letter working session. This workshop is specifically geared toward our doctoral students and postdocs, and is strategically placed at this time of year for potential applicants to academic institutions, as well as industry or government roles, and more. (Look out for a brief survey so that we can learn who will attend and what their specific needs will be.)  Learn tips on how best to present yourself with your CV and cover letter for academia and industry.  Please bring 2-3 copies of your well-developed (reviewed already) and pre-edited working CV and/or cover letter.  We will focus on strengthening these materials from the biostatistics perspectives. Dr. Stark will also be holding shorter, focused meetings that afternoon between 2:15-3:30, in follow up to our working lunch session (more info and signup for those, to come).


Friday October 11 — several special events in coordination with this week’s Biostatistics Student Seminar!

1-2pm | Room 426
Lunch provided

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Internship Roundtable

(In collaboration with the Biostatistics Student Seminar—look out for student presentations and discussion on internships earlier in week!)

It’s a week of exposure to internship experiences and opportunities shared by our students, as well as special guests.

This roundtable discussion is by and for the students. Come and share your own internship experience, or hear from others on all aspects of the student internship experience from landing the internship to carrying it out successfully. Many of our master’s students complete summer internships the summer after their first year, and some have part-time roles during the school year. Several of our doctoral students acquire and complete internships every year as well–depending on funding and dissertation timelines.

Thursday, October 24
2:15-3:45pm | Kresge G1
Refreshments provided

Industry Panel

By now most in the department will have nearly completed their Fall-1 term here at HCSPH, and can join in, relax and learn from Department Alumnae out in the field in roles ranging from larger pharma to smaller CRO or consulting groups. Bring questions for lively discussion!  Stay tuned as we announce our accumulating list of guests, both alumnae and not.

*Fall is a busy time at the Office of Career Services (OCS) at GSAS. PhD students should keep an eye on the OCS impressive calendar of fall events for programs such as this one coming up on Tuesday of this week: ‘The Academic Job Search Series: Postdoc & Faculty Perspective.’

*The HCSPH Office of Alumnae Affairs and Career Advancement fall events calendar can be found here, and includes workshops on resume writing, interview prep, salary negotiation, and more, for all students.

*Students can also find interesting reads and keep up with the field via sources including but not limited to ASA’s Amstat News, and the popular This is Statistics site.