Remembering Marianne Wessling-Resnick

The Biostatistics Department mourns the recent passing of Professor Marianne Wessling-Resnick.

During her time at in the Department of Nutrition, Professor Wessling-Resnick made many significant contributions to the professional and personal achievements of Biostats faculty and students. She was a long-term faculty member of the Program in Quantitative Genomics since its launch in 2008 under the leadership of Dr. Xihong Lin. She was the contact PI along with co-PIs Drs. Lin and Tom Smith of the Genomics training grant, a grant that supported several biostatistics PhD students. She was co-director of that same training grant with the late Dr. Jim Ware. She also served on the executive committee of the training grant of the Departments of Biostatistics and Epidemiology and coordinated wet lab rotations of the trainees.

In addition to her dedication to education and training, Dr. Wessling-Resnick was passionate about mentorship and highly respected by faculty and students. She was the Department of Nutrition’s first tenured woman faculty member, and particularly attuned to the difficulties around balancing roles as caregivers and professionals. As a reflection of her commitment to her colleagues, she was awarded the School’s Junior Faculty Mentoring Award in 2013 and the Committee for the Advancement of Women Faculty (CAWF) Mentoring Award earlier this year.

Marianne was a valuable member of our faculty and a great colleague during her esteemed academic career. Her loss is keenly felt.