Air Pollution & Coronavirus: Presentations with Xiao Wu and Rachel Nethery


Air Pollution All Party Parliamentary Group

Air Pollution & Coronavirus
Academic research & post-lockdown strategy
Zoom meeting Friday 29th May at 2pm

Research presentations
COVID death & infection rates and air pollution
Xiao Wu, doctoral student, and Rachel Nethery, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard T.H. Chan School Of Public Health

Jonathan Grigg, Professor of paediatric respiratory and environmental medicine, Queen Mary University of London

Alastair Lewis, Professor of atmospheric chemistry and Chair of the Defra Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG), York University
Air Quality Strategy to Reduce Coronavirus Infection
Following its consultation the APPG will launch its Air Strategy to Reduce Coronavirus Infection as we emerge from Lockdown with the aim to keep air pollution low and to deliver World Health Organisation Air Quality Standards.

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