Department’s Highly Rated Instructors!

Biostats Department Instructors

The Department is grateful to all of our instructors who have contributed to another strong academic year, despite all of the new challenges faced. In particular, we would like to highlight the achievements of the following instructors who received high overall teaching ratings thus far this year.

Paul Catalano  |  BST 201 – Introduction to Statistical Methods
Brent Coull  |  BST 232 – Methods
Garrett Fitzmaurice  |  BST 215 – Linear and Longitudinal Regression
Kimberlee Gauvreau  |  ID 201 – Core Principles of Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Public Health Practice
Erin Lake  |  BST 210 – Applied Regression Analysis
Heather Mattie  |  BST 260 – Introduction to Data Science
John Orav  |  BST 206 – Introductory Statistics for Medical Research  &  BST 213 – Applied Regression for Clinical Research
Andrea Rotnitzky  |  BST 256 – Theory and Methods for Causality I

There are 2 types of courses that can receive a high rating– those with 70 students and below, which need to reach at least a 4.8/5.0, or courses with 70+ students and need to receive at least a 4.4/5.0.

The time, effort, and energy invested in the preparation and teaching of these courses contributes to the value of the student learning experience and underscores our commitment to quality teaching.