Four Department Members Teach in School’s Pilot Hybrid Program

Sebastien Haneuse, Erin Lake, Rajarshi Mukherjee, John Quackenbush

Spring semester at HSPH brought the introduction of the ID 900 hybrid course, which was created by the school to address logistical and other challenges faced by international students due to the pandemic.  The course is being taught by a collection of 16 Harvard Chan faculty instructors who individually deliver 3-hour lectures, activities and workshops in a carefully distanced space across Sebastian’s cafeteria in Kresge.

Sebastien HaneuseErin LakeRajarshi Mukherjee, and John Quackenbush comprise 4 of the 16 instructors teaching in the ID 900 hybrid pilot, creating a strong presence for biostatistics and related topics in the course overall.  Erin Lake offered, “I was delighted to throw my hat in for this wonderful cause–I’m not teaching this spring so was honored to be a part.  A chance to teach topics in our field outside of the formal classroom structure is always delightful, and to teach students in person again was a dream after a year of Zoom.  The best part was finally meeting two students from my fall semester course — in person!” John Quackenbush also shared thoughtful reflections on his ID 900 teaching experience by  adding that, about 90 minutes into his four-hour lecture, “the student questions became more compelling than anything I had prepared, so we settled into a discussion that touched on practical aspects of genomics in public health. My only regret is that we did not have more time.”

Seminars taught in ID 900 by these four members of the Department of Biostatistics include:

  • Semi-competing risks: Accounting for death as a competing risk in public health research when the outcome of interest is non-terminal – Sebastien Haneuse
  • From Hat Matrices to Hollywood: The Allure of the Linear Model – Erin Lake
  • Causal Inference – What, How, and Who – Rajarshi Mukherjee
  • Online Resources to Accelerate Biomedical Research – John Quackenbush

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