PhD Student Award Recipients Larry Han and Cathy Xue

Larry Han Cathy Xue


PhD students Larry Han and Cathy Xue won the Munich Re / HSB Student Poster Awards at the New England Statistics Symposium held in Rhode Island this past week. Larry’s poster was titled “Optimal Sensitivity Analysis for Clinical Trial Design,” and is joint work with Andrea Arfe and Lorenzo Trippa. Cathy’s poster was titled “Robust Discovery of Mutational Signatures” and is joint work with Jonathan Huggins, Jeff Miller, and Scott Carter.

Larry also won a Best Student Poster Award at the ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Regulatory-Industry Statistics Workshop in September for his poster titled “On the Evaluation of Surrogate Markers in Real-World Data Settings,” which was joint work with Xuan Wang and Tianxi Cai.

Congratulations to both Larry and Cathy!