Harvard Catalyst Short Course – 12/10

Harvard Catalyst Short Course

Survival Analysis Based on the Restricted Mean Survival Time – An Alternative to the Proportional Hazards ModelFriday | December 10, 20211:00pm – 5:00pm | via ZoomEvent Link | Register here | Email for more info

Lu Tian, ScD, Stanford University, will lead discussion.

In this short course, Tian will illustrate issues of the HR and present an alternative, that is, the t-year mean survival time (restricted mean survival time, RMST). It is the mean event-free time up to a specific time point, say, t-year. The RMST was introduced in the statistical literature in 1949, but has not gotten much attention until recently. Here is the list of the topics we will discuss in this short course.

  • Issues of Hazard Ratio (HR)
  • Restricted mean survival time (RMST)
  • Power comparison between RMST-based test and HR-based tests
  • Empirical choice of a truncation time for RMST
  • Study design based on RMST
  • RMST for stratified analysis of survival data.
  • RMST to non-inferiority trials
  • RMST to quantify long-term survival benefit
  • RMST to assess duration of response
  • RMST in the presence of competing risks
  • RMST for recurrent event time data