Biostats Annual Meet & Greet

The Department held their annual Meet and Greet on Friday in the Kresge cafeteria, giving faculty, researchers, students, and staff the chance to break from routine, and to socialize, snack, … Continue reading “Biostats Annual Meet & Greet”

‘Smoke Waves’: Assessing the Public Health Threat from Wildfires

As wildfires increase in frequency and severity due to climate change, more communities are threatened by prolonged exposure to harmful levels of smoke.  To identify the areas at highest risk, … Continue reading “‘Smoke Waves’: Assessing the Public Health Threat from Wildfires”

Short Course Explores Survival Analysis

The primary goal for conducting clinical studies is to obtain robust, clinically interpretable results with respect to risk-benefit perspectives for individual patients in a well-defined target population via efficient and reliable … Continue reading “Short Course Explores Survival Analysis”

Meet-Up Group: Boston R/Bioconductor for Genomics

Aedin Culhane, Joe Paulson and Vince Carey have recently established a meet-up group Boston R/Bioconductor for Genomics. They invite everyone to join the new meet-up group which they hope will provide … Continue reading “Meet-Up Group: Boston R/Bioconductor for Genomics”

Gaining a Competitive Edge: Predictors of NIH Funding Outcomes

Why are some NIH grant applications more likely to be funded than others? A recent study of NIH criterion scores suggest that the most important predictor of funding is the … Continue reading “Gaining a Competitive Edge: Predictors of NIH Funding Outcomes”

Another Great Year for StatStart Program

StatStart finished another successful year and held their final certificate ceremony on Friday. After undergoing an intense month of lectures from Harvard graduate students, the high school students presented their … Continue reading “Another Great Year for StatStart Program”

Spring 1 & 2 Course Evaluations

As part of its mandate to monitor quality teaching at the School, the Committee on Educational Policy recently reviewed student course evaluations and found that the following courses in the … Continue reading “Spring 1 & 2 Course Evaluations”