Ongoing Goals

In conjunction with the school’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the department will continue to identify, examine, and prioritize our goals.

  • Practice transparency regarding departmental goal setting and decision-making processes by broadening engagement with the community
  • Increase representation of historically marginalized groups at all levels of the department and build a supportive environment that fosters the ability for staff, faculty, researchers, and postdocs to thrive as their authentic selves.
  • Develop a department-wide fluency with principles of diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity; create a culture that endeavors to be culturally competent through collaboration, training, and scholarship
  • Establish a leadership role to assess how values of white supremacy and male hegemony have shaped the field of biostatistics and quantitative health science career trajectories; co-create solutions to better address race and gender inequities in health.
  • Engage with students on financial and food insecurity, maintaining work-life balance, and combating prejudice.