Summer Project Presentations

Eleven rising second-year PhD students presented their summer projects to an overflowing audience on Tuesday, August 23.  The talks were held in two sessions hosted by Kevin Cummiskey and Maya … Continue reading “Summer Project Presentations”

‘Smoke Waves’: Assessing the Public Health Threat from Wildfires

As wildfires increase in frequency and severity due to climate change, more communities are threatened by prolonged exposure to harmful levels of smoke.  To identify the areas at highest risk, … Continue reading “‘Smoke Waves’: Assessing the Public Health Threat from Wildfires”

Cory Zigler: Study on Air Pollution & Health

The Health Effects Institute (HEI) recently published a final report of the Accountability Research Program entitled Causal Inference Methods for Estimating Long-Term Health Effects of Air Quality Regulations by Zigler … Continue reading “Cory Zigler: Study on Air Pollution & Health”

Cory Zigler’s R01 Funded

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Cory Zigler, who’s R01 was recently funded!  The title of the grant is Causal Inference with Interference for Evaluating Air Quality Policies. Cory’s co-investigators include Francesca Dominici, … Continue reading “Cory Zigler’s R01 Funded”

New EPA-Funded Research Center

Professor Francesca Dominici, Professor Brent Coull, and Assistant Professor Cory Zigler play key roles within a new EPA-funded research center, “Regional Air Pollution Mixtures: The Past and Future Impact of Emission Controls and Climate … Continue reading “New EPA-Funded Research Center”

MCAPS Retreat

On Friday August 7, a group of faculty, post doctoral fellows and students participated in a retreat for the Medicare Air Pollution Study, entitled Data Science in Environmental Health. The retreat is an … Continue reading “MCAPS Retreat”