Upcoming Career Development Series Events

Career Development Series Events This series picks up where general career development resources at HSPH and Harvard leave off, and provides the necessary focus that is specific to our students … Continue reading “Upcoming Career Development Series Events”

Regulatory Science Early Career Seminar – 11/18

Wed 11.18.20 | 5:00PM-6:30PM Virtual seminar via Zoom Hosted by the Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science & the Therapeutics Graduate Program Please join us for our first RegSci Early Career Seminar … Continue reading “Regulatory Science Early Career Seminar – 11/18”

Career Development: First Ever CBQG Panel 9/14

Please join us Thursday September 14 from 1-3:30pm All students, postdocs and faculty welcome, even those not working in this area since there is such overlap across disciplines within biostatistics. RSVP … Continue reading “Career Development: First Ever CBQG Panel 9/14”