5 Questions with Garrett Fitzmaurice

Via Harvard Catalyst:   Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Program leader Garrett Fitzmaurice discusses the essential role biostatistics plays in research and the increase in demand for consultations as new COVID-19 research advances.  … Continue reading “5 Questions with Garrett Fitzmaurice”

Department Kick-off Event: Lightning Talks – 9/10

Please join us for our kick-off event of the semester! Chair John Quackenbush will deliver a welcome message to the Department and Associate Chair Brent Coull will MC our first virtual Lightning Talks of … Continue reading “Department Kick-off Event: Lightning Talks – 9/10”

Summer Project Presentations – 8/24 & 8/25

Our 2nd year PhD students will be presenting their summer projects on Monday, 8/24 starting at 4pm, with a second group of presentations on Tuesday, 8/25, starting at 2:30pm. Please email Jelena Follweiler for Zoom … Continue reading “Summer Project Presentations – 8/24 & 8/25”

DFCI Zoominars for Data Science Lineup

We are pleased to announce a new weekly Zoominar for Data Science. Rather than a traditional seminar format, Rafael Irizarry will moderate a Q&A with invited speakers on various topics in data … Continue reading “DFCI Zoominars for Data Science Lineup”

HDSI Industry Seminar – 9/15

Industry Seminar: Brad Allen and Daniel Kershaw, Elsevier Tuesday, September 15 4:00pm to 5:30pm Zoom Registration After a COVID-19 induced hiatus the monthly HDSI Industry Seminar Series returns this fall with a … Continue reading “HDSI Industry Seminar – 9/15”

Learning from the Wuhan COVID-19 Data on the Fly

Upon an invitation by Nature Microbiology, former Biostat postdoctoral fellow Chaolong Wang and Professor Xihong Lin published a Behind the Paper blog entitled “Learning from the Wuhan COVID19 Data on the Fly” about their recent Nature paper on “Reconstruction of the full … Continue reading “Learning from the Wuhan COVID-19 Data on the Fly”

Undetected Cases Speed COVID-19 Spread and a Potential Second Wave

Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics Xihong Lin along with a team of scientists from Huazhong Science and Technology University in Wuhan, including the co-corresponding author Chaolong Wang, a former Biostats postdoctoral fellow, recently published … Continue reading “Undetected Cases Speed COVID-19 Spread and a Potential Second Wave”

Help Distributing Undergrad COVID-19 Survey

With assistance from Professor of Biostatistics Xihong Lin, a group of undergraduates from various universities recently developed a survey to assess the effects of COVID-19 on undergraduate communities. The data they hope to capture … Continue reading “Help Distributing Undergrad COVID-19 Survey”

Alums Zack Mccaw & Lu Tian and Prof LJ Wei Publish Paper on Analytic Methods for COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Department alumni Dr. Zachary McCaw, PhD ’19 and Dr. Lu Tian, PhD ’02, and Professor of Biostatistics Dr. Lee-Jen Wei are among the authors who recently published a methods paper on “How to Quantify … Continue reading “Alums Zack Mccaw & Lu Tian and Prof LJ Wei Publish Paper on Analytic Methods for COVID-19 Clinical Trials”

Curtis Huttenhower and Yonatan Grad Receive Incubation Award

Dr. Curtis Huttenhower, Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, and Dr. Yonatan Grad, Melvin J. and Geraldine L. Glimcher Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, were selected for an Incubation Award from the Harvard … Continue reading “Curtis Huttenhower and Yonatan Grad Receive Incubation Award”