Built Health Student Consortium at Harvard Chan

The purpose of BHSC at Harvard Chan is to promote innovative research and problem solving in a complex urban and built environment. As the world prepares for an increasing global population, new environmental changes and a more urbanized world, students need to be armed with a diverse toolkit that facilitates strong collaboration across sectors. This student consortium strives to generate discussion, create evidence, share narratives and support collaboration on the complex system of built environment and health. Objectives: Generate discussion about the intersection of the built environment and health Create evidence for the impacts of built environment on health through student-led projects Share narratives about the impact and relevance of built environment on health Support collaboration across Harvard University and Boston Schools and institutions on these topics

Board Members:

President-Erika Eitland

Vice President of Communications- Skylar Klager

Vice President of Events- Sebastian Rowland

Vice President of Outreach- Jie Yin

Vice President of Monitoring and Evaluation- Zheng Frank Kuang

Vice President of Logistics- Augusta Williams