Harvard Chan C-CHANGE makes climate change personal by connecting it to health and highlighting how climate solutions can provide for a healthier and more just world today and a livable future for our children.

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High School Students

Youth Summit on Climate, Equity, and Health

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The Climate Optimist brings you helpful tips and good news each month to help you stay focused on our shared mission to improve health by tackling climate change.

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Featured Issues

Child in front of sun

Climate, Kids, and Health

Showing how climate solutions and transitioning to clean energy protects children from dangerous pollutants and helps them live healthier lives today and in the future.

Masked girl using sanitizer

Climate Change and Infectious Disease

Reducing the risks of emerging infectious diseases by catalyzing actions that bring us back into balance with nature.

stethoscope on top of medical files

Climate MD

Engaging, supporting and empowering medical professionals to help turn awareness of the health threats posed by climate change into actions that improve health today

Featured News

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Brutally hot summer becomes proving ground for new heat alert system

Our system, designed with Climate Central, is designed to go beyond existing weather forecasts and text-based alerts to provide more detailed warnings.

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Screenshot of Marcy Franck on CNN

Is it possible to be optimistic about climate change?

Our resident Climate Optimist Marcy Franck tells CNN the green transition is unstoppable and picking up speed.

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Climate content creator Caulin Donaldson poses for a selfie with his policy and advocacy students after his talk. Photo by Caulin Donaldson.

Youth Climate Summit Brings Together High School Students from Across the Globe

It was a summer of learning and action.

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Climate action is one of our greatest opportunities to improve health and equity.

- Aaron Bernstein, Harvard Chan C-CHANGE