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Reducing the risks of emerging infectious diseases by catalyzing actions that bring us back into balance with nature.

air pollution and coronavirus

Coronavirus and Air Pollution

Emerging research suggests that breathing more polluted air over many years may worsen the effects of COVID-19.

Coronavirus and Climate Change

Climate solutions are pandemic solutions.
air conditioners installed on an apartment building

Coronavirus and Heatwaves

Planning resources for states, cities, and communities help individuals stay cool while physically distancing.

2020 Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: U.S. Policy Report

COVID-19 shows how no one is immune from converging health crises and that millions of lives can be saved with climate action.

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Solutions for preventing the next pandemic

The cost of preventing the next pandemic is 2% of the cost we’re paying for COVID-19.

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The climate crisis and COVID-19—A major threat to the pandemic response

Strategies for local communities and states to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission during climate-related extreme events like heat waves, hurricanes, and wildfires.

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5 things to know this Earth Day about how the environment affects health

To celebrate Earth Day, our Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein shares five things to know about the connection between the environment and our health.

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We’re better off when we stop pandemics before they start

On this episode of Better Off, our director Dr. Aaron Bernstein explains how protecting the environment could also secure the future of our own species.

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Calling Covid-19 a Crisis of Humanity's Own Making, Coalition Says Healing 'Broken Relationship With Nature' Key to Stopping Next Pandemic

"The Covid-19 vaccines will help rescue us from this current mess, but it won't do a thing to protect us from the next pandemic," says our Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein.

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Inaction leaves world playing ‘Russian roulette’ with pandemics, say experts

"Only with actions that stop emerging infections where they start can we end our ill-fated game of Russian roulette with pathogens," says our Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein.

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What the pandemic has taught the planet

In his latest Coverage column, Dr. Bernstein reflects on the intertwined crises of COVID-19 and climate change.

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Texas storm offers glimpse of how climate change threatens public health

Our Yerby Fellow Dr. Renee Salas discusses the health challenges posed by climate change and the complexities of responding to a disaster in the middle of a pandemic.

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Environmental News: The Next Pandemic, Boston Subways And Rejoining The Paris Agreement

Dr. Aaron Bernstein joins Callie Crossley on Under the Radar to discuss environmental news in Boston.

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How Climate Change Has Impacted the Pandemic

Our Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein gives the climate and COVID 101 in his interview with Cheddar.

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2020 Was Hottest On Record: How COVID-19 Intersects With Global Warming

Our Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein shows the connections between climate change and emerging infectious diseases like the coronavirus.

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Here’s What We Learned From The Pandemic, According To 10 Experts

Our Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein joins other climate, health and social justice experts to tell us how we can come out of the coronavirus crisis better than before.

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Dr. Aaron Bernstein

Aaron Bernstein MD, MPH

Aaron examines the human health effects of global environmental changes with the aim of promoting a deeper understanding of these subjects among students, educators, policy makers, and the public.

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Dr. Renee Salas

Renee N. Salas MD, MPH, MS

Renee's work focuses on the intersection of the climate crisis, health, and healthcare delivery.

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