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Reducing the risks of emerging infectious diseases by catalyzing actions that bring us back into balance with nature.

air pollution and coronavirus

Coronavirus and Air Pollution

Emerging research suggests that breathing more polluted air over many years may worsen the effects of COVID-19.

Coronavirus and Climate Change

Climate solutions are pandemic solutions.
air conditioners installed on an apartment building

Coronavirus and Heatwaves

Planning resources for states, cities, and communities help individuals stay cool while physically distancing.

Solutions for preventing the next pandemic

The cost of preventing the next pandemic is 2% of the cost we’re paying for COVID-19.

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The Connected Crisis

Dr. Aaron Bernstein and other school faculty share their thoughts on public health and the pandemic.

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COVID-19 and clean air: An opportunity for radical change

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to emerge from this crisis and to build a cleaner, healthier, and a more just world that we can deliver with pride to our kids and grandkids.

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Scientists are seeing an 'acceleration of pandemics': They are looking at climate change

As the planet heats up, animals are heading towards the poles to cool off. As they do, they come into contact with other animals they normally wouldn't, creating opportunities for pathogens to find new hosts.

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Why fighting climate change is key to America’s health

Our Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein explains why climate solutions are health solutions.

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Stop the next pandemic: Conservation as public health policy

How do we prevent a future pandemic? Our Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein's talks about how protecting forests and regulating wildlife change are powerful solutions.

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Slowing deforestation could save humanity from the next pandemic

Our new study suggests how we could avoid the next pandemic by spending just a fraction of what we've spent on COVID-19 to curb deforestation and the wildlife trade.

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The next virus pandemic is not far away

Future pandemics like COVID-19 are likely unless we take climate action. Here's how.

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What we can learn from COVID-19 for the climate crisis

CNN's Bill Weir explores what we can learn from COVID-19 to better prepare for the impact of the climate crisis, with insight from our ClimateMD Leader Dr. Renee Salas.

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Enough hiding: It's time we see the faces of climate change

Doctors have long warned that climate change would harm public health. Now, we are seeing a growing nexus between climate and health impacts, just as the experts have warned.

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Scientists unveil a plan to prevent the next pandemic (and save nature at the same time)

We can fight climate change and prevent the next pandemic at the same time.

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Dr. Aaron Bernstein

Aaron Bernstein MD, MPH

Aaron examines the human health effects of global environmental changes with the aim of promoting a deeper understanding of these subjects among students, educators, policy makers, and the public.

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Dr. Renee Salas

Renee N. Salas MD, MPH, MS

Renee's work focuses on the intersection of the climate crisis, health, and healthcare delivery.

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