Pollution from burning fossil fuels is threatening our health today, the sustainability of our planet, and our children’s future. It is more critical than ever that government officials, business leaders and the public have access to science communicated in ways that allows them to see its relevance to our health and wellbeing.

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Launched by Gina McCarthy and led by Dr. Aaron Bernstein, Harvard Chan C-CHANGE bridges the gap between science and the public, helping turn the expertise of faculty and students at the Harvard Chan School into actions we can take to make vast improvements in public health and our environment just as the School has done over the past century.

We engage and empower key audiences like young people, policymakers, healthcare professionals and the entertainment industry to become climate leaders by:

    • Communicating how climate change impacts the health of families—especially kids;
    • Analyzing the health, equity, and economic benefits of climate solutions;
    • Turning climate science into action by connecting researchers across disciplines to improve health today; and
    • Engaging and inspiring the medical sector to adapt care delivery and use their voices to call for action.

Turning Evidence into Action Through Policy-Focused Research

Harvard Chan C-CHANGE supports the design of climate actions that maximize health benefits, particularly for the most vulnerable. Our researchers conduct cutting-edge analysis to engage and inform the public and decision-makers about intended and unintended impacts of climate policies and regulatory actions.

Supporting Youth Leaders

Harvard Chan C-CHANGE supports students at the Harvard Chan School with mentoring events, skills-based workshops, a Student Ambassador Program, and a small grant program for researchers. The Center also engages with students by hosting an annual Youth Climate Summit, an internship program, and guest lecturing in elementary and high schools.

Translating Science Through Outreach and Trainings

Harvard Chan C-CHANGE ensures increased storytelling and media coverage of meaningful and effective climate actions. We work with the news and entertainment industry through outreach and trainings to enhance access to climate and health research by turning the science from the Harvard Chan School and other leading academic partners into digestible information.

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