Given the increasingly complex nature of today’s challenges, it is more critical than ever that government officials, business leaders and the general public have access to sound science communicated in ways that allows them to see its relevance to our health and wellbeing.

Launched by Gina McCarthy and led by Dr. Aaron Bernstein, Harvard Chan C-CHANGE bridges the gap between science and the public, helping turn the research and expertise of faculty and students at the Harvard Chan School into actions we can all take to make vast improvements in public health and our environment just as the School has done over the past century. We use the best science as the key driver to address climate change and sustainability—now, and for generations to come.

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Making it Personal

“I’ve been in the environmental world for 40 years and I’ve never convinced anyone to take action unless I made it real to them and not just about tomorrow but about their kids and their kids future today” —Gina McCarthy, on Christian Science Monitor, 6/26/18

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