Imagine this: You’re watching a blockbuster film, and you—along with millions of other parents and children—admire the best-of-class electric motorcycle a superhero is given to fight crime.

Suddenly you’re not only aware that there are such things as electric motorcycles, but also that they are fast, powerful, and super cool. We were pleased to see this scene in Incredibles 2.

It’s our mission to see climate-related content in all media so that climate challenges and solutions become part of everyday conversations. The more people learn and talk about climate change, the more empowered they will be to take action and protect their health. 

Together we aim to help showrunners, producers, writers, and influencers integrate action-oriented climate imagery and messaging into entertainment content. 

We provide:

    • Workshops
    • Focus groups 
    • Tip sheets and case studies 
    • Consultations with executives at studios, agencies, and writers rooms
    • Brainstorming sessions with writers, showrunners, actors, and influencers 
    • Ongoing counsel for projects in production
Climate Creators to Watch in 2022

Climate Creators to Watch in 2022

A project with Pique Action features creators producing solutions-focused content that counters misinformation, serves as an antidote to “doom and gloom” messaging, and helps people stay engaged in the climate movement through social media.

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Reel Science

“Reel Science” connects celebrities and scientists for candid and informative conversations on climate change and public health topics.

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