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2019 Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: Policy Brief for the U.S.

11/13/2019 | 2019 Lancet Countdown

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Where to build global renewable energy to do the most good—a guide for sustainable investments

11/12/2019 | Harvard C-CHANGE

Wind turbines and solar panels

Where to install renewable energy to get the greatest climate and health benefits in the U.S.

10/29/2019 | Harvard C-CHANGE

TRECH Study to analyze potential health benefits of transportation policies aimed at curbing climate change

08/29/2019 | Harvard C-CHANGE

Carbon Standards Re-Examined

07/18/2019 | Harvard C-CHANGE

More People Than Originally Thought Live Near Underground Gas Storage Wells

Many More People Live Closer To Underground Gas Storage Wells Than Previously Thought

07/07/2019 | Harvard C-CHANGE

Carbon Standards Examined


Mercury Matters 2018: A Science Brief for Journalists and Policymakers

12/17/2018 | Harvard C-CHANGE

Lessons Learned from Surface Wipe Sampling for Lead in Three Workplaces

06/02/2017 | Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

How Dangerous are Underground Natural Gas Storage Wells?

05/24/2017 | Environmental Research Letters