An entire neighborhood in New Orleans flooded after Hurricane Katrina

Hundreds of Hospitals on Atlantic and Gulf Coasts at Risk of Flooding from Hurricanes

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Communicating Statistics on the Health Effects of Climate Change

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Harvard researcher Drew Michanowicz tests gas coming out of a kitchen stove

Home is Where the Pipeline Ends

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Climate Change and Health in Kuwait

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Public Health Benefits Associated with Mercury Emissions Reductions from U.S. Power Plants

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Hurricanes and Health

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Primary Pandemic Prevention Costs 5% of Lives Lost Every Year from Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Summer Heat and Children Emergency Department Visits

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Health benefits of green aviation

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Firefighters from Stockton, Calif. put out flames off of Hidden Valley Rd. while fighting a wildfire

2021 Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: U.S. Policy Report

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