Car exhaust

Transportation emissions generate air pollution that has a large death toll

06/08/2021 | Environmental Research Letters

Polluting building

Negative impacts of burning natural gas and biomass have surpassed coal generation in many states

05/05/2021 | Environmental Research Letters

natural gas well rig in Frederick, CO

Pennsylvania setback regulations for fracking do not prevent setback incidents

04/28/2021 | Energy Policy

Stretchers in a hospital

The medical response to climate change

04/09/2021 | Med Journal

Bikers in traffic

TRECH Project Research Update on Health Benefits of TCI Policy Scenarios

02/25/2021 | Harvard Chan C-CHANGE

Pollution from factory smokestacks

Fossil fuel air pollution responsible for 1 in 5 deaths worldwide

02/09/2021 | Environmental Research

Busy city corner with bike and bus

Health-related savings from increased walking and bicycling far exceed estimated transportation infrastructure costs

01/28/2021 | Boston University/Harvard Chan C-CHANGE

Firefighter in front of wreckage

Firefighters’ gear may contain toxic chemicals

01/06/2021 | Harvard Chan School

a woman tests climate-smart soil in Kenya

Climate action: The best gift for global health

12/15/2020 | BMJ

Globe in front of a heart beat signal

Adding A Climate Lens To Health Policy In The United States

12/07/2020 | Health Affairs