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Poverty and humanitarian crises — How to help

The list below includes just a few examples of how you can help advance health as a human right. Learn more about specific giving opportunities and levels here. Or, for more information, please email or call Michael Voligny, Acting Vice Dean for External Relations at (617) 432-8449.

Support people

  • Student aid – a robust financial aid program ensures that the Harvard Chan School will continue to attract the world’s most promising future leaders in the field, enables students to use their talents where the public health needs are greatest instead of taking jobs to pay off debt after graduation, and creates lasting impact as our graduates touch countless lives in their public health careers.
  • Endowed professorships – the highest honor bestowed upon current faculty members as well as a critical means of attracting new talent to the School, endowed professorships create an enduring legacy and ensure that faculty can devote their best energies to research and teaching.

Learn about specific gift opportunities to support people at the Harvard Chan School

Support ideas

  • Global Health Regional Programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East – Building on existing research and education collaborations and establishing new regional initiatives with a strong focus on developing public health leadership through a in-person and distance learning programs for senior leaders and mid-range professionals.
    See a map of our global research initiatives

  • Ariadne Labs – A joint program with Brigham and Women’s Hospital focused on expanding checklist-based initiatives that have already prevented millions of deaths and injuries from surgical errors. Critical opportunities for expansion include other areas of clinical care such as childbirth and end-of-life care.
    Learn more about the Ariadne Labs
  • National Preparedness Leadership Initiative – A well-respected joint School of Public Health and Kennedy School of Government program that brings together government leaders from across the U.S. and around the world to better understand crisis leadership in action, and trains students and current leaders to lead effectively under crisis conditions using the “Meta-Leadership” model.
    Learn more about the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative
  • India Health Partnership – A partnership that brings together a number of existing India-focused initiatives at the Harvard Chan School within a common framework to facilitate collaboration between the School and Indian institutions, faculty, and students.
    Learn more about the India Health Partnership
  • “Bridge the Field” fellowships for projects in Africa and Asia – A fellowship program to encourage School of Public Health and HBS students to collaborate on solutions to health problems in Africa and Asia.
    Learn more about our work in Africa and Asia
  • Women and Health – A flagship initiative established shortly after Julio Frenk took over as Dean to focus on issues ranging from maternal mortality, to gynecological conditions, to women’s roles in health systems.
    Learn more about the Women and Health Initiative
  • Harvard Humanitarian Initiative – A unique, Harvard-wide initiative led by Harvard Chan School faculty that seeks to relieve human suffering in war and disaster by advancing the science and practice of humanitarian response worldwide.
    Learn more about the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
  • Harvard Humanitarian Academy – A University-wide project based at the School of Public Health that works closely with other Harvard schools to teach humanitarian workers to handle crisis situations, train the future leaders of aid agencies and government programs, and place students of humanitarian action in the field where their skills can make a difference.
    Learn more about the Harvard Humanitarian Academy
  • François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) Center for Health and Human Rights – An interdisciplinary University center established in 1993 to protect and promote the rights and wellbeing of children, adolescents and their families in extreme circumstances worldwide. The Center pursues this goal by conducting and supporting research, policy and capacity-building.
    Learn more about the François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) Center for Health and Human Rights
  • African Academy for Public Health – A Harvard-Tanzanian partnership with the mandate to advance multi-disciplinary research teams in the U.S. and Tanzania, focusing on maternal and child health, nutrition and infectious disease in Tanzania and the Africa region, and as well as the implementation of scientific findings in practice.
    Learn more about our work in Tanzania

Learn about specific gift opportunities to support ideas at the Harvard Chan School

Support infrastructure

  • Big Data – Support for biostatistics, epidemiology, and genetics research, faculty, and data storage strengthens the building blocks of all public health research and reinforces the School’s scientific and intellectual foundations.
    Learn more about supporting our work in big data
  • A campus for the 21st century – Some of the best opportunities available to leave a lasting mark in this Campaign surround the creation of a campus that is worthy of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, built to foster continued innovation and global engagement and to ensure that its second century of impact is as remarkable as its first.
    Learn more about supporting a campus for the 21st century
  • Mapping Health Laboratory – a “core” service at the School to be shared by all departments, using GIS and other advanced mapping technologies to develop databases for environmental assessment and spatial modeling of exposures and health effects.

Learn about specific gift opportunities to support infrastructure at the Harvard Chan School