Supporting scholars and scholarships

The Harvard Chan School prepares bright, dedicated people to tackle health issues affecting millions around the world. Our graduates drive the discovery and implementation of big and important ideas. But we need significantly more funding for student aid to ensure that a lack of financial resources and heavy debt burdens do not prevent the very best students from attending the School and pursuing a public health career when they graduate.

An investment in financial aid supports not only our students but also the countless lives these students will touch in the course of their public health careers.

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Attracting and supporting the best faculty

Douglas Dockery, SM ’74, SD ’79, chair of our Department of Environmental Health

Douglas Dockery, SM ’74, SD ’79, chair of our Department of Environmental Health

In the classroom, in the lab, and in the field, our faculty members teach students and conduct research that advances the frontiers of knowledge. Our faculty also travel widely, working directly with governments and organizations to translate research into public health programs and policies.

Currently, Harvard Chan faculty raise more than 70% of our total revenue from research grants, mostly from the U.S. government—far more than any other Harvard school. This success in winning competitive grants is impressive, but without additional sources of support for faculty, the School will be vulnerable to potential federal funding cutbacks, and our best and brightest will have to spend even more time writing grants, rather than executing powerful ideas to create a healthier world.

Looking ahead, we need to increase the number of endowed professorships, both to support and retain our most talented faculty members and to make sure that they can devote their best energies to research and teaching. We also need adequate funding to attract the best young faculty and fund their early and most creative research ideas—ideas that frequently have difficulty gaining financial support from more established sources.

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