When applying for and selecting an internship:

Think about learning goals for your internship

  •    Do you want to develop new skills?
  •    Enhance your professional connections?
  •    Apply theories and knowledge you learn outside of the classrooms?
  •    Are you looking to diversify your knowledge and skills, test out new areas of interest, or gain more experience in an area in which you are familiar?
  •    Are you looking for an internship that is more likely to lead directly to a job after graduation?

Some other considerations

  •    Organization and structure – Consider size of organization, their mission, expertise, and population they serve
  •    Compensation – Paid or unpaid internships?
  •    Location – Do you have location preferences?
  •    Career Industry or Function – Do you want to explore new roles within an industry or a similar role in a new industry?
  •    Timing/Deadlines: Many summer internship postings are in early-November to late-February. Stay ahead of strict deadlines.

How to obtain an internship:


  •       Employers post internships with our office.  We generally receive and post these beginning in November.

Making Connections to Employers

  •       Through Career Fairs and Expos as sponsored by our office and other Harvard schools
  •       Through Career Treks

Networking with Alumni and others

  •       Many internships are not posted and opportunities surface through informational interviews and outreach.  Connect with alumni, faculty, recruiters, and professionals who work in your area(s) of interest.
  •       Find out where others in your department have worked.

Below are a few of the places that our students have completed internships:

  •       Boston Public Health Commission
  •       Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  •       Pfizer,
  •       Humana, Inc.
  •       Shire
  •       JSI Research & Training Institute
  •       Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  •       Prevention Research Center
  •       Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  •       World Health Organization
  •       UnitedHealth Group
  •       Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  •       Beacon Health Options
  •       Health Policy Commission
  •       Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  •       Kaiser Permanente
  •       United Nations Population Fund
  •       Rand Corporation
  •       World Bank Group
  •       Clinton Health Access Initiative
  •       RTI International

Additional internship links

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    Offers internship opportunities both in the United States and abroad.